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From: Andrew Minalto

eBay Powerseller

TWF Moderator, CEO of

Dear eBayer,

Have you been googling, yahooing and looking all around the Internet in vain in a search of professional and affordable eBay templates? Let me stress this – both professional and affordable? And at the end you’ve come to a conclusion that is quite weird but – it’s true…

… while eBay has grown and added tons of new tools and resources to their site to help sellers like YOU turn a profit, they’ve somehow completely ignored their selling templates!

In the last 10 years since it launched, eBay has grown like wildfire!

Today, over 2 Million people shop on eBay each day, spending over $60 BILLION in year 2014 – that’s over $2000 per second! (approx. £1370)

Today, eBay is more competitive than EVER before for sellers…

…yet eBay is still offering pretty much the same old plain, unprofessional, and… let’s just say it… ugly selling templates it has for YEARS.

Up until now, if you want a good-looking selling template for eBay to help you showcase your items for sale, you’d have to pay £200 to £1200+ to a designer or a “coder” to custom design one for you.

For the majority of people, this isn’t an option – especially if you’re just starting out.

But finally, there’s a simple, easy-to-use, affordable solution

for eBay sellers who want to ramp up their eBay sales – S A T !

I’m talking about a smoking hot new resource called “Spicy Auction Templates” – and people from all over the world are talking about it!

See for yourself – here are a few of SAT members e-mails…

Hi Andrew,

I’ve been selling DVDs and games for a year and a half. Before I became a SAT member I was making on average $500 a month. The first thing I did after becoming your member was – I started to upload the new template’s code in every new listing.

I can already see the revenue increase as I’m getting more sales – obviously the captivating listing design attracts visitors’ attention.

In DVD business you’re having a thin profit margin and every additional sale is a gain in my account. Now I’m watching the advanced marketing videos and it’s amazing how I can use the self hosted image service to my advantage.

I expect hitting the $1000 a month mark very soon!

Talk to you soon,
Christopher Miller

Astonishing resource! I’m selling loads of different products and in the members area I found the best matching templates for my product descriptions.

At the moment I’m using 15 different templates and my eBay sales have increased by 80% in a week’s time which is cool!
Yesterday I downloaded the feedback boxes graphics and I think I can see the effect today. The Xbox consoles are getting more bids than usually!

Jeremy White
San Antonio

Dear SAT,

I wanted to tell you how excited I am – since the day I started using the Spicy templates my sales have increased by roughly 150%! In the body jewelry business the visual appearance plays a huge role and eBay is full of body jewelry sellers.

You really have to stand out from the crowd to get that extra sale. And thanks to my new listing design I’m definitely capturing potential buyers’ attention!

The SAT marketing section is definitely the best eBay selling advice I’ve seen so far. The videos have given me lots of new ideas to use when the festive season comes. Soon enough I will start organizing a new sales campaign and drive more traffic to my eBay store using your methods – brilliant strategies

Kind regards,
Megan Wright,

Hi Andrew,

Just to let You know – I think your program is brilliant! It has saved me a lot of time with the listings on Ebay.

They look more professional, The listings are now taking a quarter of the time that they used to do.

Your program has not only boosted our sales but the traffic to our items has increased 3 fold. We only wish that we had come across SAT a lot sooner, Then we wouldn’t have got scammed so many times.

Oh yes with all the companies that we tried they sold the program to us , promised the world and delivered nothing you never heard from them again , no response to e-mails at all.

But with this program you have “Live Help” and you can find out whatever you need to know no matter how small or stupid. The support is unreal with this program and it is great fun to use…


Thanks a million Andrew!
Diane & Matthew

I Was Searching For Professional

eBay Templates And What I

Discovered Was SHOCKING….

Templates offered by eBay were nonsense. I’d better use MS Paint to create something more appealing and I don’t doubt the result wouldn’t be that bad after all!

As I kept on selling more and more products on eBay auctions I was spending more and more money on image hosting offered by eBay – money that ate away my profits! (And who LIKES watching his potential profits not reaching his account, right?)

Soon enough I started to use other services offering listing building automation, auction templates and image hosting on their servers.

But here’s what he’s learned about such solutions.
Hopefully I can help YOU from throwing your time and money away on them and repeating my costly, time-consuming mistakes!

The first impression is very important. Remember – you have just a few seconds to compel the visitor to stay in your listing. He will decide whether there’s something in it or not in a matter of an eye blink!

Using a template that looks like coming right from the MS Word 95 Clip Art – you lose loads of potential bidders and buyers!

It’s strange but it’s true – while Internet Marketers have grasped this many years ago and are creating the website sales pages following certain standards to maintain visitors attention – eBay sellers haven’t thought about this.

Ask yourself such a question – how many times have you seen eBay listings having all the following:

…15 different font styles

…all the colors of the rainbow

…2 pages of plain text

And now think about this – how many of those listings grabbed your attention at least for as long as to see the shipping details?

The chances are – NONE!

And if on top of that the design around the product description has glittering stars and shiny ribbons – even though the item sold in the listing is a DVD burner…

…before you know it you find yourself in another listing and the owner of the archaic looking template is biting his fingernails in despair – WHY isn’t anyone bidding on my listing???


You just throw away your money – simple enough…  Yet quite a lot of eBay sellers still haven’t grasped this simple truth –

Hosting the listing images on your own server will SAVE you money on fees!

You’re more or less OK if you’re selling just a few products and most of them use the default product images. But did you know that you can establish an INSTANT credibility if the eBay shopper sees the product you sell in a naturally taken picture?

And you can increase the visitors’ trust by adding additional product images – emphasizing one or a few features and benefits.

If you sell dozens of products you have to pay eBay fees for every additional picture you use on the listing – but WHY do that?

There’s a super simple solution – but eBay and other listing management companies are hiding the obvious fact from you – just get your own hosting server – and for a few bucks a month you won’t have to rack your head about image fees anymore!

And – what is VERY important – there are some secret strategies you can LEGALLY use to save you hours of work and hassle – and all if you host your images on your own server!

I’ll whisper it into your ear – these strategies are revealed in the Advanced Marketing section in Spicy Auction Templates members area…


What you’ll get is a professionally designed template, branding and marketing advice and … an empty wallet if you need a bunch of templates – a different one for every product!

And you SURE want to relate to your potential buyers by matching the products with the listing templates. If you sell electronics you may want to get a different template for iPods, camcorders and cell phones – thus making it better to perceive the listing’s description.

Then how to increase the sales and get professional design without GOING BROKE?

In SAT members area you’ll get hundreds of eBay templates looking EXACTLY like mini website design packages – and you know how much web designers are going to charge you for such services?

Just for a plain header, footer and background image – around £100!

Not to mention if you want additional graphic elements, promotional banners and picture borders – the price will skyrocket above £200!

What we give you is – ALL previously mentioned and even MORE – you can customize your templates following our step-by-step video lessons and eventually have a store front pulling the bidders in!

I Sold My Successful Business,

Invested ALL Savings and Gathered

Our Team to Get This Incredible Project Done…

I decided to create professionally designed templates for EVERY single eBay product category and put ALL my auction selling knowledge in videos for ONE SIMPLE REASON:

I wanted to fill the vacuum in this product niche – and – create a successful business.

And soon enough there was a buzz about our project – “Spicy Auction Templates” – and our members are taking advantage of this new resource!

Provided you know at least how to copy and paste –

you WILL be able to enjoy the kind of eBay

sales increase and satisfaction other SAT members do!

And remember – you DON’T have to:

…Be a PowerSeller

…Know the listing technical side inside out

…Having been spent years on eBay

…Spend hundreds of dollars on useless products…

Forget about using eBay’s standard “plain jane” selling templates – the exact same templates 99.99% of other eBay sellers are using…

Forget spending loads of money on a single template – you’ll probably see the niche getting oversaturated in a while and start selling new products…

Spicy Auction Templates is a revolutionary one-stop

online resource that contains LOADS of absolutely

stunning eBay selling templates!…

…in addition – EVERYTHING you need to upload,

modify and manage them,

plus TONS of marketing advice and secrets!

Once you log into the Spicy Auction Templates website, you’ll follow a simple 1-2-3 step-by-step system that will walk you through EXACTLY how to create selling listings that:

  • Make the visitor STAY instead of LEAVE!
  • Attract MORE visitors than your competitors!
  • Are SO easy to manage – ANYONE can do it!
  • Pull in sales FASTER than you can say “Thank you PayPal!”

You simply follow the instructions, “point-and-click” to choose the layout you like best, type in the information on your eBay item – and PRESTO!…

Spicy Auction Templates spits out custom HTML code that you can easily cut-and-paste into eBay in a matter of seconds!

This foolproof system does absolutely ALL of the work for you…

Our Designers’ Team Worked 5 Months

NON-STOP to Create the LARGEST

Templates Database Ever Seen on the Third

Party Auction Listing Design Provider!

It would take you THOUSANDS of pounds to get designers create all these eBay templates … and you could do this if you had an unlimited amount of time and money to spend…

Or, you could get the advantage of having all of our eBay design database and auction selling marketing secrets summarized in a straightforward, step-by-step system that you could easily follow and use to SKYROCKET your eBay income!

800+ pro eBay templates… spread out over 37 categories… — along with video lessons and secret insider’s marketing strategies never ever released before…

… Spicy Auction Templates project is designed to help ANY eBay seller make more money with auction marketing – regardless of whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned veteran!

Just so that there are no surprises, let me tell you EXACTLY what you’ll see when arriving in your SAT members area…

Take a Look At Introduction Video

You’ll find Inside Your SAT Members Area

As you can see, Spicy Auction Templates contains EVERYTHING you need – all of the tools, resources, and step-by-step training – to create eye-catching eBay templates that sell your items like hotcakes over and over again…

…And create limitless streams of eBay income!

If You Think This Ultimate eBay Sellers’ Resource Is

Going To Cost You A Fortune…

… You’re In For A VERY Pleasant Surprise!

Let’s do a quick comparison – last time I checked, hiring a designer or a “coder” to custom design an eBay selling template for you would set you back £200 to £1200+.

Or you could pay £267 or more for one of the comparable eBay template creation tools on the Internet that only provide you with a SMALL FRACTION of the resources, training, and support that Spicy Auction Templates does.

The other option is for you to shell out £197 or more buying up all kinds of expensive eBay books and “how to” guides promising to show you how to code your own stunning selling templates…

Books that will most likely only sit on your shelf gathering dust.

Frankly, none of these options really seem fair to me. So I figured out a way to provide you with a REAL bargain…

…I don’t want to sound arrogant but I think the price you pay – the one-off payment of just £29.95 – is ridiculous  for everything you get in the Spicy Auction Templates members area!…

Don’t Decide Now – Just Try

Everything At My Risk!…

Your success using the Spicy Auction Templates system is completely guaranteed

In fact, here’s my 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free-Take-It-To-The-Bank Guarantee:

That means you can try out the ENTIRE Spicy Auction Templates system completely at my risk, while you see if the tools and resources inside will work for you or not.

And if the eBay selling templates you create using our easy “point-and-click” system don’t help you produce more eBay sales than you’re making right now, then I lose out – not you.

So as you can see, there’s absolutely no risk whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on us.

This is why…

You Really Can’t Afford Not To

Invest In Spicy Auction Templates!

Go ahead and grab this incredible resource that both beginner and expert eBay sellers turn to to attract MORE eBay shoppers to their listings and make MORE sales on eBay than ever before…

Your bank account will thank you!

And remember, your success is 100% guaranteed!

800+ pro eBay templates… spread out over

37 categories…– along with video lessons and secret

insider’s marketing strategies never ever released before…

…PLUS, access to the one-of-a-kind SAT eBayers’ Forum

All for the low, ONE-TIME investment of just £29.95!

Get ready to ramp up your eBay sales!

Have a Spicy Auction!



P.S. Forgive me for being blunt, but if you continue to sell on eBay the way you’ve been doing it, you’re going to continue getting the same results.

What I’m offering you is a way to break through the glass ceiling and hit a new level of earning potential – to help you achieve the kind of eBay income you’ve always wanted.

You’ll be amazed how simple and easy it is to ramp up your eBay sales with Spicy Auction Templates!

So don’t delay – act now:

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