What Makes Spicy Auction Templates

THE BEST eBay Design and Marketing Resource Online?


From: Andrew Minalto

CEO, Spicy Auction Templates


Spicy Auction Templates (SAT) is the largest professionally designed eBay templates database on the Internet. It is the result of years of hard work and dedication from the innovative Spicy Auction Templates team.

Put simply, this resource constitutes an enormous opportunity for any eBay seller to save money on a professional auction layout. In addition, our team’s many years of experience on eBay will give you what it takes to have an edge over the rest in the competitive eBay market place.

Between the unique design and the expert marketing services that you will get from SAT, you will be unstoppable as an eBay vendor, and this means dramatically boosting your income.

We Live By One Simple Rule:

It Doesn’t Matter What You Sell, But…

…How You Sell It!

Great salespeople throughout time have proven it over and over again: you can even sell ice-cream to an Eskimo if your sales methods are top notch. Sure, the quality of your product, timely delivery, and great customer service are all important parts of a successful business. But even the greatest products will never sell if they are framed by a dingy storefront. Your customers have to at least set foot in your store before they can start to appreciate the value of your product, and they won’t do this unless you sell with style.

…How it looks!

The design of your auction listings is of the utmost importance in ensuring the largest possible profit margins. And I’m sure that you—as a business person—already know how important this is! But the solution to this problem is very simple: use our templates to make your listings look like professionally designed websites and use our marketing strategies to test and choose the option that results in the highest sales conversion rating!

…Making the Customer Feel Special!

If you were to own a ick-and-mortar shop, YOU would be the face of your business. You could walk out into the street every day and greet your visitors with a smile, all the while gently encouraging them to come back.

But on eBay, your LISTING is the face of your business. Put as simply as possible, if your visitor sees a professionally designed format that is pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate, he is much more likely to buy from you. Plus, he’ll probably add you to his favorite sellers as well! This results in an even better sales turnover rate.

We Know that Spicy Auction Templates Will:

  • Make You Look Like a Professional, Organized Seller.
  • Increase Your Sales Rate and Profit Margin on eBay.
  • Increase Your Number of Repeat Customers.
  • Make You Feel Proud about What You Sell!

SpicyAuctionTemplates.com was established in March 2008. We are a small group of young people who truly believe in helping sellers get the most out of their listings. We spend most of our time making this happen in our central office, although it is not uncommon for any member of the team to work from home—especially on rainy days.

Our Commitment to You…

We will work as hard as we possibly can to help you enjoy the benefits of Spicy Auction Templates in your eBay business. In fact, just because we want to give you the greatest possible freedom to decide if our service is right for you, we’ll give you the chance to test-drive our product for 30 days.