Good News For eBay Small Business Sellers – Bigger Market Exposure!

Lately we’ve been hearing all sorts of news how eBay favor big sellers more tan eBay small business sellers – leaving individual sellers outraged.

For instance – when eBay bought , they allegedly flooded search results with new listings which small sellers found very hard to compete against.

Yes, the whole world seems to be moving towards
corporate business as opposed to individual. But it’s not the best model for eBay, though. eBay started off as a friendly community, and even though some of its spirit may have been lost, it still should be the place where stay-at-home moms can sell some stuff making nice extra income.

And now we have some happy news for eBay small business sellers – eBay recently changed the way the search results appear and it definitely makes the whole process more competitive. This time the eBay’s default search algorithm called ‘Best Match’ has been slightly modified to display the search results from as many different sellers as possible.

So let’s do a test search and see how the new change manifests itself!

We’ll type in some very typical search in eBay – let’s say ‘Xbox’ – one of the hottest selling items. And now let’s see what’s appearing in search results:

As you can see, at the bottom of the search results the following text appears: ‘Identical listings (meaning listings with identical title, listing format, and bidding activity) appear only once per search or browse results page.
To view all identical listings, please click here’.

So what it means for eBay small business sellers?
To put it short – if a seller has listed loads of identical listings expecting to gain maximum exposure for maximum sales-through rate, it just won’t work anymore! It’s been the strategy of the big eBay sellers and has made it pretty hard for eBay small business sellers to compete. Well – not anymore!

The big sellers will certainly seek for new manipulative strategies to retain their market share, that is for sure. However, they have to be aware of eBay’s Search and Browse Manipulation Policy which states that eBay sellers aren’t permitted to engage in any activities with purpose to gain an inappropriate amount of market exposure. Good for small sellers, isn’t it? We at SAT agree at 100%!

So let’s recap and here are the main points that eBay small business sellers have to be extremely happy about:

* The display of identical items from the same seller has been limited to 1 per one page of eBay search results.

* The number of unique listings from one seller will be limited to 10 per a search results’ page.

Thank you eBay for this! Small sellers –

Have a happy auction!

SAT Team