These Custom eBay Templates with Cutting Edge

Logos will Blow Your Customers Away

and Push Your Sales Sky High!

This is your chance to get an attractive logo design plus a premium, custom made auction template, all for one LOW price. Don’t miss it!

The importance of brand creation and product recognition cannot be over-emphasized in any sales venture, especially when you’re selling on eBay! This is why it is so important to have a quality unique logo for your business that your customers can link to you and all of the great service that you provide. Otherwise, you’ll just blend in with all of the other drab auctions that eBay is currently flooded with!

Many eBay sellers attempt to create their own business logo, and I really respect this effort on their part. But let me tell you a secret: “You can never come up with a logo that will be as great as one created by a professional designer, never!” To be perfectly honest, even if you’re really talented, your effort is going to fall severely short of someone’s who has studied logo design in a professional setting. Your logo is very important. Don’t leave it’s success up to chance!

“Okay, okay, sure,” you’re thinking, “but a professional logo design is going to cost me a fortune.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth!

You see, Spicy Auction Templates now offers a special design package including a custom eBay template and a matching logo for your online business, all for ONLY £297!

We are extremely proud of our design team, and they really know what they are doing. But I also really want you to have the opportunity to have a great design for your custom auction template and logo. Why? Because I know how it hard it is to survive on eBay without these! This is why I am offering this service to you for such a low price.


You Simply Cannot Build a Recognizable Brand
without a Great Logo!

Sign on for this package and we’ll deliver your custom auction template and logo to you within seventy-two hours of your order (Monday through Friday).

We’ll make a 100% unique custom design for you, including three to five unique logo concepts upon which you have the option to request unlimited revisions. Plus, the final delivery of your logo will be in a vector format. That means that you can scale the image up or down in size as much as you want without losing any image quality!

Getting your custom auction template from SAT is the ONLY surefire way to get a great looking auction template.

All that you have to do is copy and paste the code that we give you directly into your eBay listings or into an auction program such as Turbo Lister or Auctiva. This will only take you a few moments, and you’ll have a great looking design that you can be proud of. Can you afford to go without this for even one more day?

Install a Great Custom Auction Template and Logo, and Your Sales Will EXPLODE!

Just sit back and watch your brand
awareness increase and your sales skyrocket!

Believe me, once you start seeing your sales escalate as a result of your new sleek design and recognizable logo, you will know exactly why you chose to get a custom auction template. We’ll even throw in the PSD source files for your template for free. That’s a £20 value, for nothing!

On top of all of this, we’ll even host your images for you for free, which is another £30 A YEAR value on top of everything else, not to mention the time and worry that you will save by not having to think about finding a way to host your images online. All that you have to do is cut and paste our code. We’ll do the rest.

Here is everything that you will get with this package:

•    A 72h Turn Around Time (Monday through Friday)
•    100% Unique Auction Template and Business Logo
•    3-5 Logo Concepts with Unlimited Revisions
•    Logo in a Vector Format (for Unlimited Scaling)
•    Fully Coded & Copy and Paste Ready
•    Increased Sales
•    Greater Brand Awareness
•    PSD Source Files (upon request) (£20 VALUE, yours FREE!)
•    FREE Image Hosting (£30 VALUE, yours FREE!)

All for just £297!

Just think, you could slave over your logo design for hours upon hours, or you could save a lot of time and get a far better result by buying this package. Don’t you think the extra revenue you will generate is worth it? This may be a small investment, but the returns will BLOW YOU AWAY!


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