From the Founder of SAT – Andrew Minalto

andrewStarting from your product pictures, all the way up to your logo and listing template – it all matters when you want to create that established and professional look on eBay.

Do you know what the single biggest fear of online shoppers is? Getting scammed! Yes, that’s right – and this covers general scams, credit card fraud, stolen identities, hidden charges and so on! And what do you think THE BEST way to reduce this effect is?

Well that’s simple – you need to show that you’re a real, established and reputable eBay seller – a company that people trust and love to buy from! People just want to feel secure when shopping on eBay, they want to know that nothing bad will happen and in the rare instances that it does you will be there to help.

Of course this is actually quite obvious but believe it or not this is something that most newbie sellers are NOT taking care of. Quality design, updated social media profiles, testimonials, REAL pictures of your company and warehouse – it takes just a little effort to turn your average looking eBay listing into something people say “WOW” about and feel completely secure buying from.

And this is exactly what this Custom Design Service is all about…

Let my TEAM of Professional designers and coders create a
WORLD CLASS Design Pack for your eBay Business!

*** That Looks Like a Million Bucks! ***


I’m a HUGE design fan myself and over the last 10+ years I have helped to create more than 500+ logos and eBay template packs for my EAB, 60DBP and SAT clients. I have one of the best designers working full time to consistently produce the highest quality work for my clients.

Considering the quality you get and the prices we charge, I truly believe you are getting the MAXIMUM possible value here!

In fact, I do think that we’re selling ourselves a little bit cheap but hey – this is the only way to help out the majority of my customers as many people simply can’t afford to pay a premium price for premium designs.

So what’s included in these design packs?

There are 4 different packages to choose from:

1. Header design ONLY package (£97):

  • Includes a header image to use in any pre-made SAT template

2. Template ONLY package (£197):

  • eBay listing template – 100% Mobile friendly, responsive design
  • eBay Shop header (billboard) banner

3. Template + Logo package (£297):

  • Logo design (vector format)
  • eBay listing template – 100% Mobile friendly, responsive design
  • eBay Shop header (billboard) banner

4. MEGA Design package (£397):

  • Logo design (vector format)
  • eBay listing template – 100% Mobile friendly, responsive design
  • eBay Shop header (billboard) banner
  • Stationery designs (business cards, letterhead, address label, thank you letter)

ALL designs are 100% CUSTOM MADE,
We DON’T use pre-made templates!


IF you already have a LOGO and want to use that, no problem!

In this case, we’ll give you a 100 quid discount on the Logo + Template package price (£197 instead of £297).

If you require any additional design elements or specific coding done, we can of course do that for an additional fee (please contact us with specifics for exact pricing).

As always – I’ll personally be working with you as a project manager to make sure you’re getting the absolute best design possible for your eBay business!

Turnaround time for custom design services is roughly a week for the design work and another week for coding.


You’ll receive 2-3 initial logo design concepts to choose from and throughout the whole process you’ll be able to give feedback and ask for revisions and improvements. The designs will only be handed over to our coder once you’re 100% satisfied with how everything looks.

After the project is completed, all the copyrights are transferred to you!

Also, you’ll receive the original design source files (PSD and AI for logo) so if you need to make any changes or additions in the future, you’ll have the editable design files to do so.

I truly believe that these design packs will give you an ULTIMATE advantage over your competition on eBay and make you stand out from the crowd!

And hey – you’ll be working on this with me 1 to 1 so you may as well ask me a question or two about any other topics related to starting, running and promoting your eBay shop!

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*** 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED! ***